System Parameters and Drive Performance

  • Sorin G. Stan


The final performance of a CD-ROM drive is determined not only by the various technical choices adopted for the general architecture but, to a large extent, by the standardized parameters of the disc itself. In this context, this chapter will present an overview of several system parameters. The storage possibilities of a CD-ROM disc will also be discussed and some of the system choices adopted for the initial audio standard are listed. The chapter ends with a short description of the benchmarked drive specifications.


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    A device driver is a piece of software which gives the computer a handy set of control functions needed for various purposes [91]. Most device drivers are used to link the computer system (i.e., including software) to a given hardware device, e.g. a CD-ROM.Google Scholar
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    See Sections 3.1 and 3.6.Google Scholar
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    The benchmark program generates random logical addresses (see Section 6.4) which are converted by the data path into physical addresses and further into subcode timing.Google Scholar
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    The longest symbol delay during CIRC decoding.Google Scholar

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