Decision-Making in the Council of the European Union

  • Antti Kuosmanen


The purpose of this paper is to highlight those aspects of the decisionmaking structures and procedures of the Council of the EU as well as of its functioning in practice that are of particular relevance for analyzing the relationship between big and small member states.1


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    This paper does not attempt to be a scientific presentation. It relies on generally known facts about the EU, in particular the treaties themselves and the Council’s rules of procedure, and on the author’s own professional experience. Therefore, references to literature or other sources are not made in the text. Two works, however, should be mentioned as sources of substantial factual background and insights: Jain Macleod, Jan Hendry and Stephen Hyett (1996): The External Relations of the European Union, Oxford (Clarendon Press) and Martin Westlake (1995): The Council of the European Union, London (Cartermill Publishing).Google Scholar

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