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Since the end of the Cold War, nine additional small states have emerged from the disintegration and partition of states in Central and Eastern Europe.1 Two out of three European states are now small states. This situation has resulted in a revival of small states studies.2 Historically two sets of questions are of special interest: the first one touches upon small states’ security policies; the second one concerns small states’ position on the European integration process.


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  1. 1.
    These are Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. The categorization is based on a benchmark of 10 million inhabitants.Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    Recent publications include: Kenneth Hanf and Ben Soetendorp (eds.) (1998): Adapting to European Integration. Small States and the European Union, London/ New York (Longman); Efraim Inbar and Gabriel Sheffer (1997): The National Security of Small States in a Changing World, London/Portland OR (Frank Cass); Werner Bauwens, Armand Clesse, and Olav Knudsen (1996): Small States and the Security Challenge in the New Europe, London/Washington (Brassey’s); Paul Luif (1995): On the Road to Brussels. The Political Dimension of Austria’s, Finland’s and Sweden’s Accession to the European Union (The Laxenburg Papers 11), Vienna (Braumüller). See also the review article by Richard Ned Lebow (1997:3): Small States and Big Alliances, in: American Political Science Review (vol. 91), pp. 705–709.Google Scholar

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