Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Joris van den Hurk
  • Jochen Jess


This chapter summarizes the principal conclusions and recommendations resulting from the research presented in previous chapters of this book. Both the conclusions and the recommendations are also described in the quantitative analysis presented in chapter 3, and the qualitative analysis included in chapter 4. Section 5.1 outlines the paramount conclusions with respect to the general tendencies in design productivity, and the effect of hierarchical design methods on productivity, their so called supportive quality. Observed trends in the various measures of design productivity, as derived in chapter 4, are compared. Section 5.2 presents the fundamental recommendations, and therefore studies present day design productivity in view of the turnover predictions for the semiconductor industry by the end of the century. Suggestions for design productivity enhancement, obtained through both quantitative analysis (chapter 4) and from literature, are included.


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