Societal Risk Amid Other Risk Concerns: The Experience of the Great Belt Project (1987–1996)

Comments on Bohnenblust’s “Risk-Based Decision Making in the Transportation Sector”
  • Leif Vincentsen
Part of the Technology, Risk, and Society book series (RISKGOSO, volume 12)


In general, the described methodology looks — on paper — simple and easy to use, and to offer a good overview of a complicated problem using simple curves. It is, however, a tool which simplifies the real world and which for practical reasons can be difficult to use in many situations. Most needed, I believe, is a tool which, on the one hand, integrates risk evaluations with the assessment of other parameters and, on the other hand, facilitates communication on these sensitive matters between experts, decision makers and the press and the public. Yet, it is very difficult to include risk aspects in the public debate and in the discussions with politicians.


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