The Characteristics of Business Angels

  • Annareetta Lumme
  • Colin Mason
  • Markku Suomi


This chapter presents the main features of active business angels in Finland. These are examined under the following headings: location; age and sex; source of wealth; education; and employment background. Previous studies have suggested that business angels in different countries have many more similarities than differences. However, this conclusion is based on evidence from just four countries: USA, Canada, UK and Sweden (Harrison and Mason, 1992a; Landström, 1993; Mason and Harrison, 1995). With this new evidence from Finland, this chapter assesses whether this conclusion can be sustained.


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Notes in Chapter 3

  1. 1.
    Finnish provincial boundaries were amended with effect from September 1997. There are now five provinces. This discussion is based on the provincial structure prior to this change.Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    The use of different age categories in these studies prevents an exact comparison from being made.Google Scholar

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