Comments by P. H. Cootner, E. Parzen, and W. S. Morris (1960s) and responses

  • Benoit B. Mandelbrot


While teaching economics at harvard, I spent part of the 1962 Christmas vacation in Pittsburgh PA, where the Econometric Society held its Annual Meeting. M 1962i, which was to provide the substance of M 1963b{E14} and 1967b{E15}, was honored by being made the sole topic of a session. Instead of three talks, each followed by a brief discussion, this session included my talk followed by several discussions. The two that were written down were thoughtful, but demanded a response. Sections 1 and 2 reproduce some telling points of those comments, in italics and between quote marks, and followed by my responses. Two other discussants, Lawrence Fisher and George Hadley of the University of Chicago, left no record. The source of the quite separate contribution by W. S. Morris will be mentioned in Section 3.


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