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Gentlemen’s Agreement

  • Jonathan Schaeffer


I returned home and quietly disappeared for a while. I had little motivation to work on anything. After the 1992 match there was considerable interest in Chinook. In contrast, coming back from Boston was awful. Everyone knew what had happened, but no one wanted to talk about it. All my friends had seen the horrible messages posted to We were the world manmachine champion, but I didn’t feel like letting anyone know. There was nothing to celebrate.


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    Note the additional field in the Chinook output. I added an annotate facility. “O” is an opening ballot move (see move 1), “B” is a book move (move 2), “C” is a cook (move 3), “X” is a forced capture (move 9), “w” is a database win (move 20), “L” is a database loss, and “D” is a draw.Google Scholar

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