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Home Away From Home

  • Jonathan Schaeffer


Jaap van den Herik and Stef Keetman, a graduate student, met me at the Maastricht airport. Despite my jet lag, they dragged me off to a local bar where we talked and drank Dutch beer for hours. It was past two o’clock in the morning before we finally meandered our way back to Jaap’s house and bed, after I’d been awake for roughly forty hours. If life was going to be like this every day in Maastricht, I was in trouble.


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    I learned to be very careful composing my e-mail. Imagine the consequences if I confused Steph with Stef.Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    Once I got back to Edmonton there was no time to go running. And there were too many food temptations. Inexorably, the lost weight returned. It took only eighteen months for all my hard-fought work to be waisted. Google Scholar
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    “Next time you are in London I’ll take you to the Savoy Grill for lunch and show you the bill, so you realize how lightly you got off that day!” David Levy, e-mail sent on September 7, 1996.Google Scholar
  4. 4.
    “Leave it to Dr. Schaeffer to drain people’s (and computer’s) resources.” Dap Hartmann, e-mail sent on July 31, 1996.Google Scholar
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    E-mail sent on June 21, 1994.Google Scholar
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    E-mail sent on April 4, 1994.Google Scholar
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    Charles Walker, personal communication, June 7, 1994.Google Scholar
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    Stephanie Schaeffer, personal communication, May 7, 1996.Google Scholar
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    Paul Lu, personal communication, July 25, 1996.Google Scholar
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    Nievergelt’s group included Ralph Gasser, then completing his work on solving the game of nine men’s morris.Google Scholar
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    Stephanie Schaeffer, personal communication.Google Scholar

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