Functional and Erotic Consequences of Sexual Mutilations

  • Gérard Zwang


Infant and childhood sexual mutilations carry immediate risks, such as uncontrollable hemorrhage, urinary tract infection, tetanus, gangrene, and septicemia. These complications can often be fatal. The risk of fatality is also an element of the mutilative rites of passage imposed on adolescents in animist societies. It is intolerable that certain occidental enthusiasts for Third World cultures romanticize the mythical benefits of these traditional initiation rites, when these same “civilized” peoples are traumatized by the slightest sore and will do anything to spare their offspring the harsh rigors of their own society’s “rites of passage,” such as the final examinations of secondary school or university selection examinations.


Male Circumcision Obstetrical Complication Urethral Meatus Manual Stimulation Glans Penis 
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