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The Potential of Cereals as Industrial Raw Materials

Legal, Technical, and Commercial Considerations
  • Jim Coombs
  • Katy Hall


Cereals represent a major component of the human diet worldwide, either directly as baked goods derived from flour, or indirectly as components of animal feed (grain, brans, straws and other residues as appropriate for monogastrics, fowl and ruminants). Global cereal production and trade are dominated by wheat and maize (Table 1). These cereals are also the major raw materials for industrial use, as discussed below. Although supply dropped last year, resulting price increases have led to greater sowing (estimates anticipate 8% increase to 579 Mt (USDA) or 570 Mt (FAO)) with use at 565 Mt — a 3% increase. Maize is expected to be up 11 % on last year’s poor US harvest, but recent weather suggests this may not be the case, whilst exports are expected to fall reflecting increased US feed demand.


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