Semigroups and Families

  • Ethan Akin
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In this chapter we consider a uniform action φ: T × XX with X compact, and compare the semigroup and family viewpoints. Recall that by Lemma 1.2 any topological action of a uniform monoid on a compact space is a uniform action. The focus of our comparison is the uniform Stone-Čtech compactification of the uniform monoid T. In itself ß u T combines three different phenomena. First T acts uniformly on the compact space ß u T, which is the orbit closure of j u (0) in ß u T. Furthermore using the maps Φ x , we see that this action is the universal compact T action ambit [see (6.18)]. Next ß u T is an Ellis semigroup mapping onto the enveloping semigroup, S φ , by the homomorphism Φ# [see (6.13)]. Finally we recall that ß u T can be regarded as the space of maximal open filters on T as in Theorem 5.2. This connects ß u T with all of the family constructions in Chapters 3 and 4.


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