Synthesis and Composition of Food-Grade Emulsifiers

  • R. J. Zielinski


There are a number of families of food-grade emulsifiers, which may be classified as
  • Mono- and diglycerides

  • Propylene glycol monoesters

  • Lactylated esters

  • Polyglycerol esters

  • Sorbitan esters

  • Ethoxylated esters

  • Succinylated esters

  • Fruit acid esters

  • Acetylated mono- and diglycerides

  • Phosphated mono- and diglycerides

  • Sucrose esters

In this chapter the general methods of preparing these food-grade emulsifiers and some of the characteristics of each group of esters will be discussed.


Propylene Glycol Succinic Anhydride Sucrose Ester Free Glycerine Food Emulsifier 
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