Multimedia Educational Issues in a Variety of Learning Contexts

  • J.-P. Soula
  • C. Baron


The 5th Advanced Technology Workshop (ATW) is a forum organized every year in both Europe and US. It represents a communication platform for participants from academia, government and industry to expose their activities relevant to the dissemination and application of new technologies, with an accent on practical solutions and an engineering curriculum reform. This year’s European segment was hosted at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Toulouse, France, in July 1996; the topics particularly emphasized the commercialization of research, the quality and dependability of embedded systems, and collaborative engineering. Several panel discussions dealt with the question of efficiency of interaction between industry, government and academia, research today and tomorrow, research economics, and collaboration in research. A panel on the use of multimedia and decentralized means of education was organized in that context. Various experiments and projects were presented by teachers, researchers, governmental and industrial representatives coming from various countries (including France, Spain, UK, the Netherlands, USA, Hungary..), addressing key educational issues. This paper presents a synthesis of what was exposed and discussed during this panel. We first review some experiments which aim at the integration of new technologies into learning strategies and which globally yield positive results. We then look at methods used by industry to develop educational software. Other experiments focused on the problem of integrated learning systems.


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  • J.-P. Soula
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  • C. Baron
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  1. 1.INSA-CCG, CERDICFrance
  2. 2.Complexe Scientifique de RangueilINSA-DGEI, LESIAToulouse CedexFrance

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