The Joint Systems/Software Engineering Environment (Josee) Concept at Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

  • D. R. Boutin


We can define Systems/Software Engineering Environments (S/SEEs) as being “A set of software-based tools that aid in providing total integrated lifecycle support for systems and software development, augment all test activities and aid in the management of projects and programs.” In other words, an integrated series of software programs that provide partial or total automation of the activities within system and software lifecycles.

Ideally, a S/SEE would be convenient to use, support customization of data and integrated toolsets, have an open architecture, support the selected software development process methodologies, encompass the entire database while providing tool interfacing and evolution and support standards which enable portability and interoperability.

S/SEEs, though a “hot topic”, are a fairly new idea in software development. Until recently, when computer-aided software development was thought of, one would think of individual Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) development tools. One tool, one lifecycle phase. Only since the late-1980s has the idea of a fully integrated S/SEE been discussed or proposed-by vendors and users alike.


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