A Video Compression Scheme with Optimal Bit Allocation Between Displacement Vector Field and Displaced Frame Difference

  • Guido M. Schuster
  • Aggelos K. Katsaggelos


In this chapter we introduce a theory for the optimal bit allocation between displacement vector field (DVF) and displaced frame difference (DFD) for region-based motion compensated video coders [184, 185]. The proposed scheme is based on the optimal region matching algorithm presented in section 5.1. The optimal region matching algorithm finds the DVF which results in the smallest DFD energy for a given maximum rate for encoding the DVF. In this chapter we extend this scheme to include the quantizer selection so that the resulting distortion of the reconstructed frame is minimized for a given total bit rate. As before, the DVF is encoded which results in the DVF bit rate, but now the quantized DFD is also encoded and hence the total bit rate is the sum of the DVF rate and the DFD rate.


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