Nonlinear Models and Generalized Method of Moments

  • Myoung-jae Lee


Consider a nonlinear regression model
$$ y = r\left( {x,\beta } \right) + u,E\left( {u\left| x \right.} \right) = 0, $$
where ß is a k × 1 vector and the form of r(·) is known. In contrast to the linear model, the dimension of x is not necessarily the same as that of ß. Depending on cases, we may omit either x or ß in r(x, ß). A model more general than (1.1) is
$$ \rho (y,x,\beta ) = u,{\text{ }}E(u\left| {x) = 0} \right., $$
which includes (1.1) as a special case when p(y, x, ß) = y − r(x, ß).


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