ARMA Models

  • Peter J. Brockwell
  • Richard A. Davis
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In this chapter, we introduce an important parametric family of stationary time series, the autoregressive moving average or ARMA processes. For a large class of autocovariance functions γ (•), it is possible to find an ARMA process {X t } with ACVF γ X (·) such that γ(·) is well approximated by γ X (·). In particular, for any positive integer K, there exists an ARMA process {X t } such that γ X (h) = γ(h) for h = 0, 1,.... K. For this (and other) reasons, the family of ARMA processes plays a key role in the modelling of time series data. The linear structure of ARMA processes also leads to a substantial simplification of the general methods for linear prediction discussed earlier in Section 2.5.


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