Stages of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation

  • Susan M. Sheridan
  • Thomas R. Kratochwill
  • John R. Bergan
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In this chapter, we provide information on each of the stages of conjoint behavioral consultation. These stages generally mirror those in traditional behavioral consultation (Bergan & Kratochwill, 1990); however, the entire process is conducted with parents, teachers, and, in some cases, other significant individuals (e.g., extended family, additional service providers) together. Because of this format, there may be important differences in the manner in which each stage of consultation is practiced. Before beginning the process with consultees, it may be useful to assess (formally or informally) the home and school systems to determine whether a conjoint approach is warranted. Chapter 3 suggests several cases where collaborative problem solving may need to be postponed until certain personal or interpersonal issues can be addressed. If the approach is initiated, it is important to set the stage for effective consultation by reviewing the goals and objectives of the model, roles and responsibilities of all parties, and procedural details of the interviews, data collection procedures, and intervention and evaluation components (see Sheridan & Kratochwill, 1992).


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