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An m-dimensional manifold M that is oriented admits a notion of integration f M for any smooth m form. Here f can be any continuous real-valued function of compact support. This notion of integration behaves in a predictable way under diffeomorphism. When ω satisfies a positivity condition relative to the orientation, the integration defines a measure on M. A smooth map MN with dim M < dim N carries M to a set of measure zero.

For a Lie group G, a left Haar measure is a nonzero Borel measure invariant under left translations. Such a measure results from integration of ω if M = G and if the form ω is positive and left invariant. A left Haar measure is unique up to a multiplicative constant. Left and right Haar measures are related by the modular function, which is given in terms of the adjoint representation of G on its Lie algebra. A group is unimodular if its Haar measure is two-sided invariant. Unimodular Lie groups include those that are abelian or compact or semisimple or reductive or nilpotent.

When a Lie group G has the property that almost every element is a product of elements of two closed subgroups S and T with compact intersection, then the left Haar measures on G, S, and T are related. As a consequence, Haar measure on a reductive Lie group has a decomposition that mirrors the Iwasawa decomposition, and also Haar measure satisfies various relationships with the Haar measures of parabolic subgroups. These integration formulas lead to a theorem of Helgason that characterizes and parametrizes irreducible finite-dimensional representations of G with a nonzero K fixed vector.

The Weyl Integration Formula tells how to integrate over a compact connected Lie group by first integrating over conjugacy classes. It is a starting point for an analytic treatment of parts of representation theory for such groups. Harish-Chandra generalized the Weyl Integration Formula to reductive Lie groups that are not necessarily compact. The formula relies on properties of Cartan subgroups proved in Chapter VII.


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