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In September 1993, the American Journal of Nursing Company (AJN) was awarded a three-year special projects grant from the Division of Nursing, Department of Health and Human Services, to develop an electronic information service to provide continuing education and information to nurses in medically underserved rural areas. AJN Network went “live” in March 1994. Using a train-the-trainer approach, over 150 trainers in our pilot states of North Carolina, Nevada, and Wisconsin were taught to use the network. This core group is now going out to rural hospitals to train other nurses on the system. During the first year of operation, AJN Network was available through a dial-up service. In September 1994, AJN established an Internet node so that the Network could be offered over the Internet, an international network linking hundreds of smaller computer networks throughout the world. This project makes use of the federal High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) initiative that provides a backbone extending across the country, capable of transmitting data at tremendous speeds.


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