The Lower Paleolithic Site of Wadi Qalkha

  • Donald O. Henry
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Although isolated handaxes were found in the uplands overlooking the Wadi Judayid basin and within the deeply incised wadis north of Jebel Qalkha, the site of Wadi Qalkha (J401) represents the only discovery of concentrated Lower Paleolithic artifacts. The site is actually located in a deeply incised wadi near the extreme headwaters of the Wadi Aheimir and close to the point of an impending drainage capture of the Wadi Qalkha (Figure 4.1). During survey a light scatter of artifacts was found in the wadi bed and on the steep slopes of the east bank distributed over an area of ca. 2,300 m2. Given the steepness of the wadi banks and the low density of artifacts, this area of artifact coverage seems likely to be greatly exaggerated over the original occupation area, however.


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