Cementum Increment Analyses of Teeth From Wadi Judayid (J2) And Tor Hamar (J431): Estimations of Site Seasonality

  • Daniel E. Lieberman
Part of the Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology book series (IDCA)


Cementum increment analysis has considerable potential for resolving hypotheses about ancient hunter-gatherer seasonality and mobility. This chapter reports the results of analyses of seasonally deposited cementum increments of Mountain gazelle (Gazella gazella) from two sites in the Wadi Hisma: Wadi Judayid and Tor Hamar. According to these data, Wadi Judayid appears to have been occupied during both the wet and dry season, and Tor Hamar appears to have been a winter season encampment.


Archaeological Site Periodontal Ligament Residential Mobility Tooth Root Luminance Profile 
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