Genetic Alterations in Colon Cancer

  • Suhail Nasim
  • Carleton T. Garrett
Part of the Contemporary Biomedicine book series (CB, volume 12)


Human colon cancer has proven to be an excellent model system for studying the development of malignant disease in humans. Based on clinical and pathological findings, colon cancer is observed to develop through a variety of stages involving premalignant adenomatous polyps followed by localized invasive malignant carcinoma and subsequently disseminated malignant tumor (Muto et al., 1975; O’Brien et al., 1992). Premalignant lesions vary from small relatively well-differentiated hyperplastic lesions to larger less-well-differentiated tubular adenomas and subsequently to lesions that demonstrate still greater size, and reduced cytologic differentiation called villus adenomas (Muto et al., 1975; Jass et al., 1986; O’Brien et al., 1992). This process occurs over a period of years and is believed to involve the occurrence of four to six separate genetic changes (Fearon and Vogelstein, 1990).


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