Market Discipline of Banks’ Riskiness: A Study of Selected Issues

  • Franco Bruni
  • Francesco Paternò
Part of the Financial and Monetary Policy Studies book series (FMPS, volume 30)


Market discipline “means that markets provide signals that lead borrowers to behave in a manner consistent with their solvency” (Lane, 1993, p. 55). It is a crucial element in “private sector solutions” to the problem of financial fragility. A different category of solutions are “regulatory solutions.” But the two categories are deeply connected, and market discipline towards financial safety cannot be separated from regulation. It is true that, to some extent, market discipline can replace government supervision and regulation. But, in the authors’ view, the main influence of market forces is to complement the efforts of supervisors and regulators (Gilbert, 1990, p. 3; Lane, 1993, p. 63). An adequate regulatory setting is needed for market disciplining mechanisms to be effective.


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  • Francesco Paternò
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  1. 1.“Paolo Baffi” Centre for Monetary and Financial EconomicsUniversità BocconiMilanoItaly
  2. 2.“Paolo Baffi” Centre for Monetary and Financial EconomicsUniversità BocconiMilanoItaly

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