Nonstandard Compression Techniques

  • Vasudev Bhaskaran
  • Konstantinos Konstantinides
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Standard compression schemes, such as JPEG and MPEG, have been widely supported by the industry; however, this has not stopped the development and marketing of several proprietary image and video compression schemes. Examples of such schemes include the Kodak Photo-CD compression and storage format, the QuickTime environment from Apple, and DVI technology from Intel. There are various reasons for the introduction of proprietary compression schemes:
  • Certain applications are self-contained, and there is no need to exchange their data with other platforms (such as a stand-alone image data-base system).

  • Computational requirements of the standard algorithms are beyond the capabilities of a particular platform (such as the software-based video playback on low-end personal computers).

  • New market areas open (such as digital photography).

  • There is dissatisfaction with the capabilities of the standard algorithms (such as video teleconferencing).

  • There is concern about royalties (such as arithmetic coding in JPEG).


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