A View of Gallium Arsenide I.C.’s in Wireless Communication Systems

  • Philip Snow


There are those that will cling to an individual or corporate paradigm that a sole I.C. techonology does it all. This tends to perpetuate the myth that silicon and gallium arsenide are in. contention. Some companies have already jointly ventured into development of chip sets for specific communication systems. These companies have discovered the complementary nature of silicon and gallium arsenide I.C.’s. When appropriately combined they provide an optimum cost/performance system solution. Gallium arsenide is not t e technology of the future. Gallium arsenide I.C.’s are being produced and sold into many high volume systems today. This paper is a qualitative discussion of the economic factors and technical realities of the technology. It is also intended to provide a perspective on the logical partitioning and use of silicon and gallium arsenide together in wireless communication systems.


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