Earthwork in Cold Regions

  • Orlando B. Andersland
  • Branko Ladanyi


Embankment construction with frozen and unfrozen soil materials is conducted throughout the year on many engineering projects where ambient air temperatures remain below 0°C for a significant portion of the year. Construction for oil field support facilities on the Alaska North Slope required that operations proceed over a 12-month period and not wait for the short 3-month thaw season (Tart, 1983). Operation of open-pit mines requires effective and economic excavation and handling of frozen and thawed ground during the entire year. Difficult problems can be experienced depending on the material type, temperature and water content, and the time of year. Material properties of fill used on the project must be reviewed. Landform analyses, borings, and geophysical techniques help assess potential material sources. Borrow source characteristics determine the techniques required for excavation (e.g., blasting, ripping, and scraping). Material type and volumes involved determine haul equipment most suitable for the project. In addition, placement and compaction techniques are dependent on embankment use and material type.


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