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Control Technique of Melon Fly, Dacus cucurbitae, by Using Mixed Cuelure

  • Y.-Ch. Liu
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There are 117 species of fruit flies belonging to the Tephritidae family that are reported in Taiwan; however, only the oriental fruit fly Dacus dorsalis Hendel and the melon fly Dacus cucurbitae Coq. are considered of economic importance. For controlling the oriental fruit fly, the government invested more than one million US dollars every year in the male annihilation project. This project, using methyl-eugenol, has an attractants successfully depressed fly population levels. Cuelure is a well known attractant to the melon fly, however, the attractiveness is still not strong enough when using it for control purposes. The mixtures of Cuelure with various ratios of methyl-eugenol have been made and tested both in greenhouse and in the field. Here, the most effective cuelure-mixture for controlling both the melon fly and the oriental fruit fly was found, and the control techniques were also developed.


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