Physical Design Automation of MCMs

  • Naveed A. Sherwani


MultiChip Modules (MCMs) have been introduced as an alternative packaging approach to complement the advances taking place in the IC technology. Even though the steps in the physical design cycle of MCMs are similar to those in PCB and IC design cycle, the design tools for PCB and IC can not be used for MCM directly. This is mainly due to the fact that MCM layout problems are different from IC layout or PCB layout problems. The existing PCB design tools cannot handle the dense and complex wiring structure of MCMs. On the other hand, IC layout tools are inadequate to solve the complex electrical, thermal and geometrical constraints of the MCM problems. As a result, the lack of CAD tools for MCMs is impeding its further development in this area. Most of the commercial CAD tools available are more or less adapted version of existing PCB tools and these tools don’t address the real problems associated with the MCM designs. Let us just consider the problem of routing in MCM. The signal effects of long lines in terms of crosstalk, noise, and reflections must be taken into account during routing. In addition, as high speeds are explored, the transmission line behavior of the interconnect must be modeled accurately to optimize the layout. All of these conditions have to be met, subject to the main goal of interconnect, which is to route the signals between the chips.


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