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Laminated fibrous composites are made by bonding together two or more laminae. The individual unidirectional laminae or plies are oriented in such a manner that the resulting structural component has the desired mechanical and/or physical characteristics in different directions. In this way, the inherent anisotropy of fibrous composites can be exploited to design a composite material having a desired set of characteristics such as elastic constants and thermal expansion coefficients. This has been employed quite extensively in polymer matrix composites to design PMCs having highly tailored elastic, thermoelastic and strength characteristics, not so much in metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites. Techniques such as tape-casting and hot pressing of laminae can be used to produce laminated CMCs [1–6]. In this chapter, we provide the reader with the very basic mathematical tools to analyze such laminated composites. For greater details on the mechanics of laminated composites, the references listed under Suggested reading should be consulted.


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