Variable Structure, Bilinear and Intelligent Control with Power System Application

  • R. R. Mohler
  • Y. Wang
  • R. R. Zakrzewski
  • V. Rajkumar
Part of the Progress in Systems and Control Theory book series (PSCT, volume 12)


A brief background on variable-structure and bilinear systems relates this research to the first U.S.-Italy seminar on this topic. Sliding-mode control of a flexible ac transmission system (FACTS) is analyzed and shown to be quite effective for a simplified single-machine infinite-but model (SMIB). For cases where system complexities may cause robustness problems, a bilinear self-tuning control and a neural-network based control are introduced.


Power System Recursive Little Square Bilinear System Bilinear Model Variable Structure Control 
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  • R. R. Mohler
  • Y. Wang
  • R. R. Zakrzewski
  • V. Rajkumar

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