Designing a Carbon Tax Strategy

  • Roger Dower
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 45)


As one who thought he knew a lot about climate change issues, I find that there is always much more to learn. I have to say, as an economist, that I have been particularly encouraged by what I see and hear as a growing willingness to look at the role of the price mechanism as part of a response to the risks of climate change and as part of a move toward what I think is a broader energy transition. I view energy price reform, through carbon taxes in the case of climate change, and removing price subsidies as the core of any real effort to address climate change risk. That is not to say they are the only elements, by far. We have been reminded of the important role of values in that system, for example, but we also have to remember the role of prices in directing our energy consumption and production decisions and their risks.


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