Differentiation Patterns in Eye Lens Fibers

  • Ennio Lucio Benedetti
  • Irène Dunia
Part of the Perspectives in Vision Research book series (PIVR)


The morphology and molecular interactions of lens fiber plasma membrane and cytoskeletal constituents are of particular interest with respect to the formation of specialized membrane domains, to the dynamics of lens accommodation, to aging, and to the cataractous process. We attempt to explore the chemical and ultrastructural features of the interfiber junctions and the existence of physical and/or biochemical relationships between lens fiber plasma membranes and those proteins that in a rather broad terminology are classified as cell motility or cytoskeletal constituents (Burridge et al., 1988; Geiger, 1985; Niggli and Burger, 1987).


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  • Ennio Lucio Benedetti
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  • Irène Dunia
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  1. 1.Institute Jacques Monod, CNRSUniversity of Paris VIIParisFrance

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