Applications of Supercontinuum: Present and Future

  • R. Dorsinville
  • P. P. Ho
  • J. T. Manassah
  • R. R. Alfano


Over the past two decades the supercontinuum light source has been extensively used in laser spectroscopy research such as inverse Raman scattering (Alfano and Shapiro, 1971), time-resolved induced absorption in liquids and solids (Alfano and Shapiro, 1971; Greene et al., 1978), primary vision processes (Doukas et al., 1980), energy transfer mechanisms in photosynthesis (Searle et al., 1978; hot carrier and exciton relaxation processes in semiconductors (von der Linde and Lambrich, 1979; Shank et al., 1982), and time-resolved multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (Goldberg, 1982), to name a few.


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  • P. P. Ho
  • J. T. Manassah
  • R. R. Alfano

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