Experience with a Dornier HM4 Lithotripter in Urinary Stone Treatment

  • Geert G. Tailly


From November 17, 1987 until August 20, 1988, a Dornier HM4 (Dornier Medical Systems, Munich) kidney lithotripter was used at the Algemene Kliniek H. Familie in Gent, Belgium. This lithotripter subsequently was replaced with a Dornier MPL 9000 lithotripter, a multipurpose machine for urinary calculi and biliary stone treatment.

During the nine-month study 319 patients had 447 treatment sessions on 483 stones. Thus, the overall retreatment rate was 1.38 treatments per patient.

All sessions were performed under mild parenteral analgesia/sedation (midazolam and alfentanil), and auxiliary measures were performed in 27.6% of sessions. Outpatient treatment was performed in 90% of patients.

Patient acceptance of this treatment method was high, and the complication rate was low (fever in 3.4% and colic in 11.2% of patients).

Within three months a stone-free rate of 85% was achieved.


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