Organization of Methodist Hospital of Indiana’s Biliary Lithotripsy Study

  • Lee G. Jordan


Three aspects of the experience with biliary lithotripsy at the Methodist Hospital of Indiana (MHI) are here presented: the organization of the program and clinic, the experience with patient flow from inquiry to treatment, and a statement of the major issues facing U.S. treatment programs.

The program at the MHI began with three investigators: a gastroenterologist, a radiologist, and a surgeon. The gastroenterologist functioned as principal investigator for administrative purposes. A clinic was established in the Methodist Professional Center adjacent to the hospital, where patients are screened, evaluated, and followed. A full-time nurse and full-time secretary staff the clinic, and additional support is provided by the Methodist Hospital Medical Research Department. Two clinical nurses are assigned part time to the project. Charts and patient data are stored in a computerized information system; the format of which is still evolving.

Through 1988, 550 patients were screened; 47 were treated with lithotripsy. Four patients had single stones smaller than 1 cm; 19 patients had single stones between 1 cm and 2 cm in diameter, and five patients had single stones larger than 2 cm. Two patients had two stones with a combined diameter smaller than 2 cm; 11 patients had two stones with a combined diameter larger than 2 cm; two patients had three stones with a combined diameter smaller than 2 cm; and four patients had a three stones with total diameter larger than 2 cm.


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