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Age-Related Changes in Renal Brush Borders and Brush Border Enzymes

  • Masatoshi Nakano


The ageing process leads to a deterioration of function in most body organs. Much attention has been paid to studying the effect of ageing on the kidney. These changes are both structural and functional. Thus far, the structural changes of kidney during ageing has been extensively studied (1,2), the number of glomeruli decreasing with age. The progressive thickening of the tubular and glomerular basement membrane occurs with the ageing process (1,2). Tauchi and his associates (2,3) have morphologically demonstrated that the number of tubular epithelial cells decrease with age.


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  • Masatoshi Nakano
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute for Medical Science of AgeingAichi Medical UniversityNagakute, Aichi-kenJapan

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