Factors and Ribosomes: Their Coupling and Mode of Signal Processing

  • Wim Möller
  • Reinout Amons


This chapter is concerned with the function of elongation factors as revealed by studies on factor-ribosome interactions. To try presenting a comprehensive picture is impossible given the formidable complexity of the ribosome and the many allosteric interactions between the components. Rather we have chosen a few critical issues, which are amenable to reasonable interpretation. One is that factors possess a GTPase in association with the ribosome. We know or pretend to know that mainly a small distinct area of the 50S ribosome induces this activity and that as a result factor interactions with the ribosome occur in an orderly fashion. We are confident that bacterial 50S ribosomal A protein (L12) is involved in translocation events. Although we are aware of the danger of trying to reduce complex problems to a small facet, the structure and mobile properties of the 50S ribosome stalk guarantee an active role for their constituents in GTPase-related functions.


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  • Reinout Amons
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