Defining the Information Flow in the Transfusion-Microbiology Laboratory

Sample Identity, Consistency of Recording Results, Accurate Deferral, Information Retrieval
  • J. A. J. Barbara
Part of the Developments in Hematology and Immunology book series (DIHI, volume 22)


The importance of clerical and laboratory errors contributing to complications of transfusion can be appreciated by recording reports of these complications and analyzing their causes. Fatalities are the most likely complications to be reported fully and in the USA such records are kept on a national basis. In 1980 in the USA 47 out of 110 transfusion-related fatalities were due to clerical, and 8 to laboratory errors; this comprised 50% of the fatalities compared with 30% due to post-transfusion hepatitis [1]. Therefore an important component of the task of maintaining a safe blood supply in microbiological, as well as other contexts, is an accurate information flow. The value of the most sensitive and elegant of assays can be negated if they identify an infectious blood donation or component which is tehn inadvertently released for transfusion because of errors in information transfer.


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