Optical Sizing of Cometary Dust : Tentative Lessons from Comet Halley Data

  • Jean François Crifo


The purpose of this work is to try to evaluate the level of confidence that can be placed in the present techniques available for sizing the cometary dust (and, at the same time, deriving all its other characteristics). We use for this the new possibilities opened by the recent in-situ sampling of Comet Halley dust. We look whether data from this origin are compatible with visible and I.R. spectra of this comet acquired from the Earth, and we also examine whether they are compatible with the set of observations acquired on another comet considered similar to Halley, i.e. Comet Kohoutek “1973f”. We find that, as happens frequently when remote sensing and local sampling techniques data can be compared, none of these techniques can claim to be fully satisfactory. In the case of cometary dust, current estimates based on optical sizing only may be much less accurate than precedingly assumed. In any case, improvements in the observational approaches appear needed, as well as dedicated laboratory investigations and theoretical developments.


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  • Jean François Crifo
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physique Stellaire et PlanétaireVerrières le BuissonFrance

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