Diabetic Cystopathy

  • Marelyn Medina
  • John R. Tomasula
  • Linda S. Cohen
  • Gobind B. Laungani
  • Khalid M. H. Butt
  • Eli A. Friedman
Part of the Topics in Renal Medicine book series (TIRM, volume 6)


Neuropathy of the bladder in diabetes predisposes patients to urinary tract infection and functional obstruction of urine flow. Azotemia and uremia may result earlier in patients with diabetic nephropathy who also have unrecognized or inadequately treated diabetic cystopathy. Diabetic recipients of renal allografts may manifest fluctuations in serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen concentration because of intermittent inability to empty the bladder due to cystopathy. Differentiation of the effects of cystopathy from nephropathy in a diabetic requires awareness of clinical syndromes resulting from each entity. Elsewhere in this text, diabetic nephropathy is discussed. The present chapter reviews the pathogenesis, presentation, and management of diabetic cystopathy.


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  • John R. Tomasula
  • Linda S. Cohen
  • Gobind B. Laungani
  • Khalid M. H. Butt
  • Eli A. Friedman

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