Diseases of the Vulva

  • Edward J. Wilkinson
  • Eduard G. FriedrichJr.


The external female genitalia include the mons pubis, labia majora and minora, clitoris with its prepuce and frenulum, the vestibule into which open the orifices of Skene’s and Bartholin’s glands as well as those of the minor vestibular glands, and the urethral meatus (Fig. 3.1). After adrenarche, the mons pubis and lateral aspects of the labia majora acquire increased amounts of subcutaneous fat and develop the coarse curly surface hair characteristic of the adult. With maturation of the hair follicle apparatus, there is concomitant maturation and development of the sebaceous and apocrine glands in the hair-bearing regions, as well as in the labia minora and inner aspects of the prepuce. Other than the areola of the breast, these are the only areas in which sebaceous glands routinely develop without concomitant hair formation. During adolescence, the labia acquire a characteristic hyperpigmentation, and the clitoris undergoes some selective enlargement. The labia majora contain both smooth muscle and fat, whereas the labia minora are devoid of adipose tissue but are rich in elastic fibers and blood vessels.


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