Metastatic Tumors of the Ovary

  • Robert H. Young
  • Robert E. Scully


Tumors may metastasize to the ovary from many organs and tissues outside the female genital tract, but neoplasms arising in the intestine, stomach, and breast and hematopoietic tumors, some of which are also primary in the ovary, are the most common forms encountered by the pathologist.* Hematopoietic tumors are discussed in Chapter 21, Nonspecific Ovarian Tumors, and are not considered further in this chapter. Tumors that extend to the ovary directly from adjacent organs or tissues are also included in the broad category of metastatic or secondary tumors; determination of the origin of the tumor in such cases may be impossible when both ovarian and extraovarian involvement is extensive. Metastasis of tumors originating in other organs of the genital tract is discussed in this chapter, but ovarian involvement as part of diffuse neoplasms of the peritoneum is not considered.


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