Germ Cell Tumors of the Ovary

  • A. Talerman
  • F. R. C. Path


This group of ovarian neoplasms is composed of a number of histologically different tumor types and embraces all the neoplasms considered to be ultimately derived from the primitive germ cells of the embryonic gonad. The concept of germ cell tumors as a specific group of gonadal neoplasms has evolved in the last three decades. It is based on (1) the common histogenesis of these neoplasms, (2) the relatively frequent presence of histologically different neoplastic elements within the same tumor mass, and (3) the presence of histologically similar neoplasms in extragonadal locations along the line of migration of the primitive germ cells from the wall of the yolk sac to the gonadal ridge,332 as well as on the remarkable homology between the various tumors in the male and the female.


Germ Cell Germ Cell Tumor Embryonal Carcinoma Cystic Teratoma Gonadal Dysgenesis 
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