Endometrial Hyperplasia and Metaplasia

  • Robert J. Kurman
  • Henry J. Norris


Abnormal endometrial proliferations form a morphologic continuum ranging from focal glandular crowding through various degrees of hyperplasia and carcinoma. Classifications have evolved in which degrees of proliferation are separately labeled, although objective criteria are few and only simple hyperplasia and frank carcinoma, at the extreme ends of the spectrum, are consistently identified. Proliferations composed of closely packed complex glands displaying cytologic atypia comprise a gray area in the spectrum and provide the greatest difficulty in interpretation since some carcinomas of the endometrium lack atypia and some hyperplasias show atypia to a marked degree. Terms that have been used to describe lesions in the borderline area include adenomatous hyperplasia, atypical hyperplasia, and carcinoma in situ, but criteria for distinguishing them have been loosely and variably applied by different authors, and follow-up studies that might justify and validate their existence as discrete entities are difficult to interpret meaningfully.39


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