CP-Violation: Weak and Strong

  • Rabindra N. Mohapatra
Part of the Contemporary Physics book series (GTCP)


The phenomenon of CP-violation was discovered in 1964 by Christenson, Cronin, Fitch, and Turlay in K 0-decays. To date Kaon systems have remained the only place where breakdown of CP-invariance has been observed. Since Lorentz invariant local field theories are CP T-invariant, breakdown of CP-symmetry implies breakdown of time-reversal invariance. This fact is used in experimental search for CP-violation by looking for kinematic effects odd under time-reversal symmetry. In the (math) system, however, CP-violating interference effects appear which are experimentally measurable. The CP-violating phenomenology in K 0-decays has been extensively described in many places [1] and we do not repeat it here, except to note some salient points.


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