Honest Direction … Directed Dishonesty

  • Arthur M. Squires


Governmental institutions often perform honestly and effectively at tasks belonging to earlier stages of research and development (R&D):
  • • exploration, and

  • • directed investigation.


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Suggested reading on Britain’s radar

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  4. Snow’s essay, recommended at the end of Chapter 4, describes Tizard’s vital contribution in coordinating Watson-Watt’s progress on radar devices with air force personnel’s learning how to use them.Google Scholar

Recommended reading on project management, good and bad

  1. Christopher Layton, Ten Innovations, George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London, 1972.Google Scholar
  2. About 15 years ago, a British Crown Study undertook to discover why Britain’s R&D teams had produced so few winners while its academic engineering scientists had achieved worldwide respect. Layton reports the Crown Study’s conclusions and gives such information as cooperating companies were willing to disclose to the public. His book puts in sharp contrast the management style that wins and the style that loses. My ideal recipe for management of the project stage of a development owes much to Layton’s book.Google Scholar

Suggested reading on governmental project management

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