Renal Clearance: Measurements of Glomerular Filtration Rate and Renal Blood Flow

  • Esmail Koushanpour
  • Wilhelm Kriz


In a limited sense the function of the kidney is to remove excess water and solutes as well as waste products of metabolism from the circulating plasma. To accomplish this, the renal corpuscle makes a copious ultrafiltrate of the renal plasma flow (RPF), which subsequently is modified both in volume and in composition by tubular reabsorption and secretion, yielding a small volume of hypertonic urine. Accordingly, the final volume and composition of the excreted urine depends largely on the volume of plasma filtered at the glomerulus (GFR) and on the fraction of renal plasma flow that escaped filtration (RPF-GFR) and was subsequently processed by the tubules.


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