Manganese (atomic no. 25; atomic wt. 54.938; melting pt. 1,244 ± 3°C, specific gravity 7.21 to 7.22, depending on the allotropic form) is a member of Group VII-A of the periodic table. It is next to Fe in the atomic series, is similar to it in chemical behavior, and is often closely associated with it in its natural occurrence. It can exist in its compounds in the oxidation states of I, II, III, IV, VI, and VII. Its most stable salts are those of oxidation states II, IV, VI, and VII. The lower oxides, MnO and Mn2O3, are basic; the higher oxides are acidic. Manganese is a whitish-gray metal, harder than iron but quite brittle. Manganese metal oxidizes superficially in air and rusts in moist air.


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